TURBO SOCCER VR is an ultimate football simulator, created exclusively for Virtual Reality. Step into the shoes of a football professional in our innovative Reply Mode and take a part in the real-life, goal-scoring actions. Become a Stricker or a Goalkeeper – unlock more and more difficult challenges and feel the immersive atmosphere of the stadium. Practice your reflex like a real champion – challenge yourself and break the best score enjoying the neon, retro style scenery of our NEW PINBALL MODE. 

The newest addition to the main menu –
Pinball Mode – a retro-vibe arcade game with the football twist. Strike the different targets on the play field. Instead of flippers use your own feet. Score the headshot and win an additional life. Break your own record!

This is what you’ve been waiting for – remember your favorite goal-scoring situations of the World Cup 2018? – now you can be a part of it! Become the key player of the attacking team and take a winning shot. Transfer yourself to the virtual stadium and gloat the unbelievable atmosphere.

Face the best teams from all over the world and save the deadly goals. Difficulty and skills of your opponents increase with each completed level – brace yourself and don’t let them win!

Now it’s your turn to shoot! – score as many goals. Overcome different obstacles. Take penalties and free kicks – let the goalkeeper fear your power. 


TURBO SOCCER is an ultimate football simulator that gives you the full soccer experience combined with the addictive, casual tap game.

Enter the virtual football field – feel the immersive atmosphere! Receive the ball and charge forward. Pass the enemy defenders, speed up at the right time and score an amazing goal! Curve the ball, avoid slide tackles and perform feints. Break the international football leaderboard record.


Action Mode – Charge through the defenders – speed up and feint the opponents show them who rules the Staduim!

Stricker Mode – Score the best goals, avoid the obstacles – let the goalkeeper fear your power!

Goalkeeper Mode – Face your opponent, throw yourself in a right direction and save the deadliest goals.

Tournament Mode – Play against series of opponents to win the tournament cup! Fight your way through the championships and lead your team to the victory!

Customize your player – earn coins and visit the shop – you can let go of your fantasy – change the whole outfit and even the hair style! Unlock trophies and medals – enjoy the wall of fame. Receive the daily bonuses – keep your career on track.

Enjoy the game and don’t forget to rate us!